From mold to the less severe problems, we know that water damage is noting to be messed with. That is why we use the latest in high tech equipment and environmentally friendly solutions to repair water damage, sweep and dust for mold, and replace your floor if needed. It is through this network of talented individuals that we came to be the company we are today. Hardworking individuals with experience in a number of water damage field. We, like any good business know that in order for a company to work, it has to be diverse.

Diversity is how we made our company great, by taking people of all different backgrounds both ethnically and professionally to get a good sample size and good idea of what to expect from any given water damage case. We received detailed reports from all of the employees in the respective fiends in order to get an idea of how to approach each instance of water damage and what we could do to help make the transition easier. For all of these years we have stayed ahead of the curve and given our customers a level of quality work that they cannot get anywhere else.

Knowing where to look and what to look for

Sometimes water damage is difficult to spot, which is why we have trained everyone one of our employees with the knowledge they need to find the source of the problem and ways to fix it without too much cost to the customer. Water damage and mold can be sneaky, showing up in places that you least expect, but it can also be obvious and show up right where you expect it to. We have a talent for finding water damage no matter where it is.

We are trained in all areas of water damage detection and know exactly how to identify the problem and how to fix it. In these tough economic time we know that money is tight which is why we will never charge you if we cannot get the work done in a cheap and efficient way. We also are more concerned about building a community than we are about profits, so we may come out free of charge or direct you to our website, which is full of important information on how to deal with water damage from professionals around the world.

Most water damage occurs where we cannot see it and this is where it does the most damage. Oftentimes people do not notice severe water damage until it is too late, once the room starts feeling a bit more humid and once they start to see or smell mold on the wall. They think there’s just a few patches of mold, maybe we have water damage, or sometimes they think it is just because of the weather. We also have an office inĀ Grand Rapids.