Floor Repair and Replacement

Look at this floor, it had definitely seen better days. But how does a floor and a wall get to looking this bad? This is a house that people live in, one that looks great other than this one room. Water damage, that’s what. Water damage can absolutely wreck a room in terms of its appearance and also cause harmful mold to grow on the walls that is very difficult to get out and can cause health problems for people and pets.

Most of the time the water damage is hard to see, or people may find a wet spot and think that it is no big deal, that the problem will sort of just work its way out and that they can save a few bucks by not calling a professional.

Replace that old floor today

By this time it is too late and the water damage is going to be much more to fix now. Mold has taken a foothold in the floor and possibly walls, and not only has stained them a gross shade of black and brown but has also opened your family up to breathing problems in the future if the problem is not taken care of immediately. In the event that this occurs we are here to help solve the problem using the latest in high tech equipment including mold scrubbers and floor replacement tools.

We can rip up that old floor in no time and get rid of the mold before installing a new one with professional grade materials. We can ensure that your home will be mold and water damage free by the time we leave and leave you knowing that your home will be in good shape for years to come. If there is one thing we know it’s how to deal with water damage on floors and how to give our customers just what they need.